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Top 50 2010 U.S. Box Office

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Overview [-]

The top 50 movies sorted by their U.S. 2010 box office cume.  2009 box office cume is broken out seprarately.  This is far more accurate than other such lists that only include films that actually released in 2010.  For example, the 2009 film Avatar was actually the top-grossing film of 2010, even when the 2009 grosses are subtracted.

Inside The Report [-]

Title, 2010 Cumulative Gross, 2009 Cumulative Gross, Total Cumulative Gross, Opening Weekend Gross, U.S. Release Date, MPAA Rating, Domestic Theater Distributor, Number of Weeks Released in 2010, Number of Theaters Screened during Opening Weekend.

Top 50 2010 U.S. Box Office Questions?


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